Are You Stuck On What to Sell? – Check Out the Market Research Lab

Hello Affiliate Marketers! Have you had days when you felt stuck on what to sell? And don’t know – where to begin? Well, If your answer is “No”. I certainly have! We know we want a good niche and something that will make us money; but, let’s face it finding one has never been that easy!

That is, Until Now!!! – Let me introduce to you the

“Market Research Lab”

I discovered an amazing niche called (SaleHoo) and after checking it out and reading tons of reviews; I was convinced that this is the niche I wanted to market. So, I became an affiliate marketer for just $67.00 a year for the membership.

One of the perks of joining SaleHoo is the access to their valuable tools – like the Market Research lab. This tool is amazing, it helps you find niches that are in high demand, profitable and affordable, with low competition.

Let me share with you a little secret ….when you use the Research lab tool, you can find products that will sell 3 times what you paid for it; and when the products sell, all you have to do is order it and have it shipped to your customer.

Where else can you find a tool like this?

Market Research Lab

The Research lab has over 1.6 million products listed that will help you find that perfect niche.

The Research lab uses Ali-Express, eBay and Amazon Best Sellers to show you which products are selling well in a lot of different categories – it is a great place to get ideas and spot trends.

SaleHoo’s new Research lab is designed to give you information on the most popular products that are selling very well online.

The old lab’s results were many times inaccurate and not relevant due to users entering for too generic keywords. The new lab offers specific items with live listings that you can view on Amazon and eBay. It’s a much more efficient and effective way to find data on popular products.

This is what you will find when you use the Research lab tool:

You’ll find products that are high in demand with low competition, so you can earn the max in your profits.

  • As well as products with a great sell rate. The sell rate is based on the number of successful listings compared with the number of total listings for a given products on eBay in the last month.
  • Get an accurate selling price. SaleHoo we’ll find the average selling price. Thisis the average price that the product sold for on eBay during the previous month.
  • The Research tool also shows you how tough the competition is for a product and you can filter your search to only show you items with “low” competition, “medium”, or “high” – which makes things and a lot easier.
  • Competition is based on the total number of sellers and listings for any given product
    Low competition products don’t have as many sellers listing them, which means you can sell them without a lot of competition.
    1. Medium competition is a good idea for new sellers.
    2. High competition means the market is thriving!
    3. If you purchase items in bulk straight from the manufacturer, then you might consider the high competition.
  • Spot trends – SaleHoo will show you how sales for a product are trending, so you can see if it’s moving up in popularity or phasing out.

SaleHoo labs’ uses data from eBay to determine the profit of many products.

You can select a product type and browse through the options, changing the sell-through rate, average price and competition to find the perfect product.

Save Your Searches

If you want to save your searches on your products – you can save your product ideas by clicking on the SAVED button in the top right corer of each product. These saved ideas can be viewed again, later on in your Saved Product Ideas, which you can use anytime, within the labs’ menu. You can also view them in a table to compare each one by competition, sell rate, how many listings exist, average price, and whether it’s trending. This makes it easy to decide which products to sell online.

Note: To make sure that all members get a fair share of searches our developers have added 30 searches for every 7 days limit to our Research lab.

A few Tips to help you – When you Find That Perfect Product to Sell

  • You want to find a product that is small and lightweight. This will be easier for you to ship when you make a sale.
  • I would not recommend selling large products – when you are just starting off. Like selling a dryer or something large along those lines, it maybe profitable, and you may not have too much competition, but, it could be quite a hassle trying to ship.

The Costs

You are going to have more costs than just the purchase price of your products. You are going to have shipping costs, marketing costs, eBay or Amazon’s cut on your sale, and other costs, you don’t realize you will incur. One thing you should take into account is your need to have a new profit margin. This would be what’s left over when you subtract all your expenses from the final selling price. You should have 50-100%, if not higher. Unless you are drop shipping in which case a 50% profit margin is really good.

In order to do this you would have to be looking for items with a high value that way you are able to charge more. For instance, if you have an item that you can buy for $7.00, you’ll want to be able to sell it for $10.00 – $15.00. Even that doesn’t leave you with a lot of profit. You should be able to sell that same item that is $7.00 for $15-20.00.

Now, you have found your product and you need to find a supplier click “Suppliers” under any product listing to find multiple supplier in seconds. Pick the perfect supplier by narrowing your search by geographical location, minimum order amount, international shipping options, or whether they offer drop shipping and more.


If you are selling product on eBay or Amazon for your business. I highly recommend that you get SaleHoo>>>>click here to sign up for SaleHoo.

This sums up my article on the Market Research Labs. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you.

Thank you,

Mona E., Affiliate for







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